Hello! I am Maya Leschinsky and I am a undergraduate student at Muhlenberg College. I am majoring in dance with a concentration in dance science and am minoring in sustainability studies. My passions have to taken me to volunteer in Costa Rica for turtle conservation, to study abroad for a semester in Ecuador studying conservation and environmental ethics, and to study dance in Italy. Through my time abroad and at home I have become concerned with the state of the world in terms of climate change and social justice issues. In one class that I am currently taking, sustainable solutions, we discuss the intersectionality of many environmental, economic, and social justice problems. I have chosen to focus on the problem of the lack of female access to education which is a major problem in the world that effects climate change, overpopulation, economic growth, and female injustices. Within this problem, I will be looking mostly at developing countries and how to help women and girls in these areas. For further information please visit the rest of my pages to fully understand the problem and ways that you can help.